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The Center aims to enhance and support the defense and security orientations of the Kingdom; it conducts and develops qualitative and technical research related to the defense, security, and strategic fields according to the plans and strategies developed by the general authority for military industries.

  1. Performing applied research and development to develop the know-how and provide solutions.
  2. Conduct studies and consultations in the specialized scientific fields.
  3. Participate in enhancing and developing the military and security industry in the Kingdom.
  4. Conduct scientific and applied research related to the defense and security industries in service of the Kingdoms interest and protection.
  5. Track developments and innovations in the field of defense and security industries and study their impact.
  6. Expanding the capacity of industrial and manufacturing sectors to develop innovation in defense-related technologies, products,and solutions.
  7. Building knowledge base and expertise in areas of strategic importance related to military and security operations.
  8. Establishing advanced facilities and capabilities to perform defense evaluations and validation activities.
  9. Participate in the supervision of technology transfer and localization programs related to equipment and military procurements.
  10. Collaborate with local and international universities and research centers to execute joint activities and exchange expertise.
  11. Develop and conduct specialized training and qualification programs.


Our Vision &


The Center should be a national leading hub for strategic researches and technical innovations of defensive products and services, which support the strategic goals and policies of the Kingdom, and participate in achieving the national sovereignty over the defense systems and equipment.


The Center conducts qualitative researches and innovates and develops technologies and systems related to defense and security fields through:

  • Building an advanced research and technical development infrastructure;
  • Building and developing qualified human resources;
  • Conducting studies, providing reliable services to the Center’s clients, and establishing strategic relations with them;
  • Innovating and developing technologies and systems to support the development of defense industry in the Kingdom;
  • Contributing to creating a national stimulating environment for exchanging knowledge and experiences with relevant bodies; and
  • Forming ties and research cooperation with pioneering world entities.
Dr. Sami bin Mohammed Al-Hamidi
Designated Acting Director General

Message from
the Acting Director General

Prince Sultan Defense Studies and Research Center (PSDSARC) was established as part of restructuring of the Saudi defense ecosystem to support the national military industries and to contribute to the Saudi Vision 2030 in achieving 50% localization of the Kingdom’s military spending and enhancing national sovereignty over defense systems.

The Council of Minister’s Resolution no. 339, dated 16/8/1437H, approved the organization of PSDSARC as a government entity with an independent legal identity that organizationally reports to the General Authority for Defense Development (GADD). PSDSARC was also mandated in this resolution to enhance and support the Kingdom’s defense and security future directions by conducting and developing qualitative and technical research related to defense, security, and strategic fields.

Due to the crucial importance of R&D in the defense industry and also due to its important role as a link between operational requirements and technical solution development addressing traditional and modern threats, one of PSDSARC’s key objectives is development of the qualified human capital that is capable of conducting R&D in highly specialized technology areas.

As on one hand, the availability of laboratories is a major part of the research infrastructure, on the other hand, recruitment, training, mentoring and development of national talents are considered by PSDSARC as a key part of the R&D system across all its projects and programs.

National sovereignty over defense systems constitutes a strategic goal closely associated with the ability to build national capabilities and competencies to support localization and development of modern technologies.

PSDSARC focuses on building and employing national human capabilities that are specialized in developing strategic defense systems to achieve two main goals: firstly, to improve defense capabilities through leveraging R&D infrastructure for development and production of advanced defense systems, and secondly, to maintain full national sovereignty over such advanced systems.

Finally, on my own behalf and behalf of all PSDSARC employees, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince and Prime Minister –may Allah protect them– for their generous and continuous support to PSDSARC’s endeavor to build an ecosystem for the development and innovation of defense products,
using Saudi capabilities to achieve national sovereignty … and enabling of such advanced research and defense ecosystem in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Sami Bin Muhammad Al-Humaidy,
Acting Director General

of Trustees

His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Bin Ahmed Bin Turki Al-Sudairy

His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Bin Ahmed Bin Turki Al-Sudairy

Deputy Minister of Education for Universities, Research and Innovation
Council Member

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