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Prince Sultan Defense Studies and Research Center established a number of applied research labs that contain basic equipment that can be used by experts and specialists in the Center to conduct tests, measurements, and scientific experiments related to research and development projects in the Center. These labs have measurement equipment and devices to develop and test defense and security systems and technologies. The summary of the current labs of the Center are stated below:

Autonomous systems lab

Autonomous systems lab
Autonomous systems lab
Radar and Communications Systems Lab
Electro-Optics Systems Lab
Autonomous systems lab

Autonomous systems lab

Automatic system technologies are developing rapidly around the world, especially defensive and security applications. Remote control drones and maritime and land unmanned vehicles became one of the basic military equipment. This technology being in its early stages provides the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a promising opportunity; the Kingdom can own, develop, and manufacture them locally to achieve its defensive, security, and strategic goals. The Automatic System Lab helps to build national capabilities and qualify the national human resources to use the state-of-the-art relevant technologies. This Lab was equipped with modern systems for designing remote control vehicles and simulation software for designs of structures, control systems, aviation, and navigation. The Labe also includes panel manufacturing systems, integrated carbon pieces, and relevant testing and measuring equipment.

Tasks of the Automatic System Lab

The Automatic System Lab designs and develops remote control vehicles including remote control systems, electronic navigation systems, and relevant ground control platforms. Its tasks include the following:

  • Designing and programming remote control systems and electronic navigation systems.
  • Designing and implementing ground control and navigation platforms.
  • Designing and testing the structures of automatic vehicles.
  • Conducting computer analysis and simulation for the performance of aerodynamic and mechanical tensions of the structures of vehicles.
  • Conducting analytical studies for the operational conceptand requirements of systems.
  • Testing the performance of automatic vehicles.

Equipment of the Automatic System Lab

The Automatic System Lab contains the following basic equipment:

  • Oven with capacity of (6 m * 1.5 m) for the carbon fiber pieces which are fixed by heat and pressure.
  • Five-axes automatic cutting machine with area of (4 m * 4m) for manufacturing blocks.
  • Automatic cutting machine for small and tiny pieces.
  • High-quality laser cutting machine.
  • Device for testing the durability of certain electronic systems to cold and very high and different temperature.
  • Fixed ground control room for aircrafts.
  • Fixed ground call center for aircrafts.
  • Programs for analyzing the design of aircrafts;
  • Aviation testing programs including control and aviation.
  • Aircrafts for training flight dispatchers approved by the Center.
  • Movable (mobile) aviation control system.
  • Integrated system for manufacturing aircraft including blocks and manufacturing and assembling aircraft;
  • Device for testing the vibration, durability, and effect of electronic pieces.
  • Electronic work room.
  • Programs for testing the structures of aircrafts and their durability.
Radar and Communications Systems Lab
Radar and Communications Systems Lab
Radar and Communications Systems Lab

Radar and Communications Systems Lab

Radar and Communications Systems Lab are the technical infrastructure of radar, navigation, telecommunication, and electronic warfare systems. Prince Sultan Defense Studies and Research Center seeks to equip the lab with the state-of-the-art testing and measurement devices. The Center’s engineers can conduct tests and measurements to ensure the success of designing and innovation course of electronic defense systems. The Radar and Communications Systems Lab is essential for developing and innovating modern radar and telecommunication technologies. Engineering designs are prepared and systems are developed, manufactured, integrated, and tested under microwave frequencies and millimeter. This includes designing, manufacturing, testing, and calibrating aerials and building signal processors. The Lab also contains advanced programmable systems that can be used to prepare the initial models of feasibility study of new technical ideas before being implemented. Furthermore, the Lab makes the modeling and simulation of radar and telecommunication systems including the modeling of radar section of bodies and analysis of electromagnetic spread and coverage in different operational environments. Specialities of radar, telecommunication, and signal processing lab this lab designs Radar and Communications Systems and develops field models.

This includes:

  • Designing radars and signal intelligence systems;
  • Passive detection systems; and
  • High frequency communication
  • Wireless sensing networks
Electro-Optics Systems Lab
Electro-Optics Systems Lab
Electro-Optics Systems Lab

Electro-Optics Systems Lab

The Electro-optical System Lab focuses on developing laser systems; especially high-power systems, thermal and night vision products, guiding and controlling visual sensing systems, and electro-optical loads of automatic vehicles. The Lab also tests and assesses infrared cameras and can efficiently design electro-optical systems and modern testing and assessment facilities for laser distance measurement systems, night-vision goggles, and optical and thermal cameras. This Lab aims to provide solutions for developing comprehensive products for the benefit of end-user. Specialties of the Electro-optical Lab The Lab designs and manufactures sensors and integrated electronic circuits of uncooled thermal cameras, directed high energy, and laser direction technologies.

This includes:

  • Designing and developing integrated electronic circuits of thermal cameras,
  • Conducting placement and assessment tests for electro-optical systems,
  • Developing and updating electro-optical photography systems,
  • Designing and producing high-energy laser systems, and
  • Designing and producing smart missile direction and sensing systems Equipment of the Electro-optical System Lab

This Lab contains the following main equipment:

  • Multi-sensor measurement systems,
  • Visual light parallel device,
  • Platform for collecting and testing lenses, and
  • Optics designing and simulation program
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